21 June 2018

The history bit

The Royal Highland show was first started in 1822 and used to run from a Sunday to Wednesday until 1960 when it changed to running from Thursday to Sunday.

It wasn't always held at the Ingleston showground outside Edinburgh, in fact it used to be moved each year and had 8 locations around Scotland.

It was at the Inverness show in 1948 that King George VI bestowed the Royal title on the show.

The first show in 1822 was held at the Canongate in Edinburgh where the Scottish Parliament now stands.

Over 1000 people attended the first show.

Fun Facts & Figures

Nowadays there are over 2000 exhibitors, 6000 livestock on display with over 3000 of those being horses, over 180,000 visitors and the show generates over £200 million in business.

What happens there

Everything from cooking demonstrations to tree carving, horse shoeing competitions to top show jumping events. Heavy horse showing to shetland ponies and all breeds in between. Sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, all types of livestock. A children's discovery centre, shops selling everything from crafts to confectionery, clothes and  tractors!

The Royal Highland Show is a great day out for all the family and a fabulous learning experience for children of all ages.

Check out their web site for lots more information.