1 March 2018

Spring onions (Allium Fistulosum) are part of the onion family, in fact Spring onions (also called green onions, bunch onions or scallions) are really just very young onions that are harvested before the actual bulb of the onion is fully formed.

They are not nearly as strong in flavour as normal onions and the green top part tastes like chives.

Onions have been around since ancient times but it was in China 2000 years ago that we have the first mention of use of spring onions in cooking.

Good For You

Spring onions contain Vitamins A, C, B6, calcium, fiber, iron, potassium and manganese.

Spring onions are anti inflammatory and anti hystamine which means that they help with athritus and asthma

Spring onions are good for heart health and help to lower cholesterol

Spring onions are good for maintaining healthy eyes

Spring onions are anti bacterial which means that they help us fight off colds and flu and are good for our tummy as well.

Grow your own

You can grow your own spring onions either in a jam jar with water or by planting in pots or containers, they are ready to harvest when the green part above is 1cm thick. See our Pinterest Board for how to grow spring onions even in the classroom!

Using Spring Onions

You can use Spring onions raw in salads and as part of many Chinese and Asian dishes and cooked in stews (see our Irish Stew recipe this month) and soups as well as being used chopped up as a garnish to make dishes look pretty and taste good too.

Check out our Pinterest Board for lots of recipes.