2 September 2017

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is all about celebrating all the goodness of Scotland's amazing larder.

Did you know that food and drink is the largest industry sector in Scotland with 340.000 employees and a £14.4 billion turnover!

Salmon & Seafood

Salmon and seafood is our second largest export (second only to whisky), sold to over 100 countries around the glode. Scotland is one of the largest seafood producers in Europe with more than 2000 boats and 5000 fishermen. Scotland is the largest producer of farmed salmon in the world.

Red Meat

Scotch beef, lamb and specially selected pork are renouned for being quality products with outstanding flavour. In 2009 and 2011 Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb were selected for the prestigious Bocuse d'Or, involving chefs from around the world.


Scottish dairy launched the Scottish Dairy Brand at Anuga in 2015 with 11 participating processors and 40 products split into 3 tiers; Heritage, Artisan and Organic. Scottish cheeses are renouned for their amazing flavours and sold worldwide.


Scotch whisky is the world's most popular spirit and sold in over 200 markets worldwide.


This year's Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight has the theme of 'change one thing' and by that we mean just changing one thing in a meal to use something Scottish. To that end the fortnight has been broken down into themes for every day.

Sat 2nd    Picnics

Sun 3rd   Afternoon Tea

Mon 4th   Office Meeting

Tues 5th  Packed Lunch

Wed 6th   TV Dinner

Thur 7th   Sports Snack

Fri 8th   Children's Party

Sat 9th   Drinks Party

Sat 10th   Weekend Lunch

Mon 11th   Coffee Break

Tuers 12th  Breakfast

Wed 13th   Family Meal

Thurs 14   Street Food

Fri 15th   BBQ

Sat 16th   Fine Dining

Sun 17th   Brunch

We will be posting on Facebook and Twitter every day reminding you of these special days and giving you a link to our pinterest boards that are the perfect inspiration for your Change One Thing.

Come on, let's all get involved with Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight. Check out their web site.