11 June 2017

Open Farm Sunday is organised by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and is the day when farmers all over the UK open their gates to the general public so that they can come in and see what this all-important industry is all about.

The first Open Farm Sunday was in 2006 and over 1000 farms have taken part in this fun and informative day. To find out if there is a farm near you taking part check out the Open Farm Sunday site.

Fun Farming Facts

There are 20 million hectares of farmland in the UK, that is equal to 30 million football pitches!

1/5th grows crops and a lot of the rest grows grass to feed the animals there.

There are nearly 280,000 farms in the UK

60% of the food we eat here in the UK comes from our own farms.

Every day 60 million pints of milk are produced on UK farms every day, this would fill approximately 15 olympic sized swimming pools.

There are 160 million chickens in the UK.

There are nearly 5 million pigs in the UK.

The UK produces more sheep than any other European country

The UK is the 3rd largest producer of beef in Europe.