13 August 2018

Fun Facts

  • The technical term for an olive is a 'drupe'.
  • The olive's official name is Oleo Europaea.
  • In Ancient Greece it was a crime to cut down an olive tree.
  • The olive tree is evergree with long thin silvery green leaves.
  • Olives are green and ripen to black.
  • The oldest olive tree in the world is almost 2000 years old and still bears fruit to this day.
  • Crete produces more olives than all of Greece and her islands put together.
  • All parts of the olive tree are used, the olives for the fruit itself and for olive oil, the stones are criushed for fertiliset, the leaves are fed to sheep and goats in the winter and the wood is used for carving and firewood.
  • 90% of olives are used for oil oil and only 10% are used for eating.
  • Olives must be cured in brine to soften them before you can eat them.
  • 2.25 million litres of olive oil are produced per year.
  • The olive branch is the symbol of peace and was used in olympic crowns in Ancient  Greece..
  • Hypocrates, the Ancient Greek physician and father of medicine called olive oil 'The great theraputic'.
  • The first eye shadows were made back in Ancient Greece by blending olive ooil with charcoal.
  • The Romans used olive oil as sun lotion.


Olives contain sodium, vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, copper.

Olives are super healthy as is their oil.

Olives contain 4-6% carbs of which most is fibre.