1 January 2019

What's the difference?

Steel Cut

Also known as Scots Oats or Isish Oatmeal, these are the least processed form of oats. They are chopped but not rolled. They take the longest time to cook but have the lowest glycemic index meaning they are better for you.

Rolled Oats

These have been steamed and flattened under huge rollers. They take 15 minutes to cook.

Quick cook/Instant oats

These oats have been cut, steamed and rolled out extra thin. They cook in just 5 minutes. These can be used in most recipes that ask for oats unless it states otherwise.

Why are oats so healthy?

Oatmeal can help against chronic diseases, they help to lower cholesterol making them super heart healthy. They have lots of fiber so are good for our stomachs and keep things moving.

Oats are Binge Busters! They help cut down our carb craving because they fill us up for longer.

The beta gluten in oats helps boost our immune system and helps us fight off colds and other illnesses.

The B vitamins in oats help to maximise stamina and keep our stamina levels steady, which is why top athletes eat them.

                                                                                                                        * * *

Here's a fun recipe for Oat & Nut Bites that taste sweet and give you energy too.


2 tbsp mixed crushed nuts

2 tbsp rolled oats

2 Medjool dates

1 tbsp runny honey

pinch of ground cinnamon

pinch ground ginger

3 tbsp desiccated coconut.

Here's how to make them;

Toast the nuts in a dry pan for just 1 minute till they are golden and smell all nutty and lovel

Mix all the ingredients together (apart from the coconut) in a bowl till it is all well combined

Now get messy and pull off little pieces to roll in damp hands to form little balls about the size of marbles

Put the coconut in a plate and roll all the balls in the coconut

Place them in the fridge for half an hour to set

This makes about 20 treats and they last up to a week in a sealed container

                                                                                                                     * * *

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