23 February 2019

International Toast Day was first started in 2014 just because toast is something so many of us enjoy and February can be a bit of a dull month, so why not have a day to celebrate something so ordinary but so very nice - toast!

What is toast?

Toast is baked bread that has been toasted/browned or in many cases burned in a toaster, grill, BBQ or in the oven.

Whether you like your toast with nothing on it at all (called dry toast), with butter or with a savoury topping like peanut butter, marmite, cheese, baled beans or sardines, or sweet with jam, jelly, chocolate spread, honey or lemon curd, or with fruit and veg like sliced avocado or apple. Toast with just about anything is a great snack or breakfast.

Fun Facts;

Toast dates way, way back to Ancient Egyptian times when workers on the pyramids (no they were not all slaves) were often paid in bread. Now the bread would tend to go off very quickly due to the heat but they found that if you baked the fresh bread (toasted it) it would last longer, toast was created!

The name Toast comes from the Latin word 'Tostum' meaning to burn or scortch. The Romans liked toast too!

In Medieval times a Trencher was a piece of stale bread that was actually used as a plate on the table for your food. Your meat and veg would be served on the trencher and by the time you'd eaten that the juices would have soaked into the Trencher making it tasty and edible. No bread was ever wasted!

The very first electric toaster was invented by a Scotsman called Alan MacMasters in 1893 but it was a bit dangerous so didn't take off. It was years later than an American tried again and the mordern idea of a toaster machine was born.

Why does toast always fall buttered side down?

This is because when you are holding a slice of buttered toast your hand tends to be at a slight angle and your hand is less than4 feet from the ground. Therefore when the toast falls it only has to do half a turn to land on the ground buttered side down.

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