16 June 2017

Wether you are going down to the woods today complete with teddy bear, heading for the hills or aiming for the beach, grab your picnic blanket and that wicker basket and join in on National Picnic Week.

For advice, tips, recipes and even games for children head over to the national picnic week web site .

Why Picnic?

Eating outdoors is a social event and brings people together either as a family group or with friends.

Eating outdoors means you are getting more of that all-important vitamin D from the sun.

A picnic encourages children to take an interest in the great outdoors. Why not organise a little treasure hunt and have them looking for bugs, leaves, flowers, animal track or even deciding what clouds look like animals etc.

We tend to eat more slowly when we are outdoors, in company and in relaxed surroundings and this aids digestion.

Picnic Facts

The French were really the first to embrace the full-on picnic after the French Revolution in 1789 when the Royal parks were opened to the public.

Fifty years ago the most popular picnic food was the cheese sandwich, now it is a bag of crisps. Come on let's be a bit more healthy than that!

The average person in the UK goes on three picnics per year.

Favourite locations for picnics are parks, the seaside, by lochs and rivers, in the hills and even by the roadside.

To say something is No Picnic (meaning that it is difficult) dates back to 1884.

The biggest picnic days worldwide are 4th July in USA, Bastille Day in France and Easter Sunday in Italy.

Popular picnic foods are Scotch eggs, sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and tarts.

So whether you are picnicing by the beach or with your bear check out our Pinterest Board for some super healthy kid friendly picnic ideas.