28 September 2017

What are they?

Mussels are members of the bivalve molusc family and are filter feeders who live in both sea and fresh water depending on their type.

They have been used as a source of food for over 2000 years and have been cultivated for over 800 years.

Nutrition Facts;

Mussels are power packed and contain;


Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C




Vitamin B6


Fun Facts;

Mussels can live up to 50 years old in their natural habitat.

Mussels have a beard  a bit like Father Christmas but theirs is made up of fibres and is actually called the Byssus and is used to anchor them to rocks in the sea. When you are going to eat them you must remove the stringy beard first.

Pearls can be cultivated in fresh water mussels.

Mussels are filter feeders that live on plankton and other microscopic sea creatures and can filter 0.5 -1.25 gallons of water per hour!

Never cook mussels whose shells are open to start with, throw them away.

Never eat a cooked mussel if the shell has not opened, throw it away.

The best way to cook mussels is to steam them and you need no water as they release their own liquid from their shells as they open in the heat.

France and Belgium are famous for eating Moules Frites (mussels and chips) a posh version of a fish supper!