• Coeliac Awareness Week 9-15th May

    Coeliac Awareness Week 9-15th May

    9 May 2016

    Coeliac Awareness Week highlights the issues of this lifelong autoimmune disease and how to avoid gluten in food.
  • Asparagus Month

    Asparagus Month

    1 May 2016

    Asparagus is the perfect spring vegetable
  • Allergy Awareness Week

    Allergy Awareness Week

    25 April 2016

    Food allergies are on the increase worldwide, especially in children
  • Passover


    22 April 2016

    Passover is one of the most important events in the Jewish year and is steeped in history
  • World Health Day

    World Health Day

    7 April 2016

    World Health Day - Beating Diabetes
  • Carrots


    29 March 2016

    Carrots - Not just for Bugs Bunny and not always orange either!
  • Easter


    27 March 2016

    Chocolate Easter eggs are such an established tradition, but what do they mean and when did they start?
  • World Water Day

    World Water Day

    22 March 2016

    When we turn on the tap we take it for granted that good clear drinking water will come out, yet there are over 650 million people in this world who don't have that privilege.