13 August 2018

Ah the school lunch box, the bain of many a parent's life. With our new stance on reusing plastics the actual box itself comes into question, and then there is what to put in it to be healthy and fun too. Throw in the fact that lots of schools have to ban nuts and you have a bit of a nightmare on your hands.

Contain Yourself

Please use a solid container to protect the food so that it doesn't get squashed at the bottom of the school bag. Food safe plastic or metal boxes are best.

Boxes with ready made partitions are perfect for keeping different foods in place and far better than packing things into individual disposable plastic bags or clingfilm. If you don't have a divided box then look out for mini boxes in the supermarket and get a few that will fit into the main lunch box, this way you are keeping food fresh and in place and avoiding the dreaded throw away plastic issue. You can also purchase reusable food pouches and wraps online.

What's In There?

According to the NHS the following items should be present in the lunch box;

  • Starchy food - bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc.
  • Protein - meat, fish, eggs, beans etc.
  • Dairy - yogurt or cheese.
  • Vegetables - salad or fruit.

Get Creative!

Try to make lunch fun by doing things just a little differently;

  • Make double decker sandwiches
  • Cut sandwiches into fun shapes like stars, hearts or rounds.
  • Use leftover pasta or rice from last night's supper to make interesting salads.
  • Mix yogurt with mashed fruit for a healthy and tasty dessert.
  • Make some muffins at the weekend and freeze them, then just pop one in instead of a sandwich some days.
  • Try making fruit and vegetable crisps (or buying them) and popping them in with a little dipping sauce.
  • Veggies go great with dips.
  • Make little fruit and veggie kebabs on sticks (blunt ends please)
  • A little flask of soup on a chilly day is souper!

Add Fun!

Pop in a little note or picture from one of the family or a pet.

Add a sticker so they can start a special collection.

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