31 October 2018


Halloween dates way back almost 2000 years. It was the Celtic New Year or Samhain meaning Summer's End in Gaelic. Halloween is actually All Hallow's Eve, the day before All Hallows Day or All Saint's Day, a Christian festival for remembering the dead.


  • A type of Trick or Treating dates back to 9th century when beggers would knock at doors and ask for a Soul Cake and in return say a prayer for the dead relatives of the household.
  • In the UK we used to call Trick or Treating Guising and get dressed up and go round houses asking for sweets in exchange for a song or dance.
  • In USA Trick or Treating is a huge event with whole neighbourhoods taking part.
  • The Halloween lantern comes from the jack o'lantern or will o'the wisp, the light in the window to keep evil spirits away on this special night.
  • In the UK we used to always ake our lanterns out of carved turnips.
  • In USA they use carved pumpkins and that is now the most popular lantern her too.
  • The colours orange and black signify Halloween, the orange stands for Harvest and the black for death.
  • The idea of dressing up at Halloween came from people going out in disguise on this night in the hope that they would not be recognised by the spirits that walk the earth that night.

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