2 June 2017

Gardening Scotland is a huge event held each year at the Highland Show grounds just on the outskirts of Edinburgh next to the airport.

This is where you will be able to learn more about all types of plants from herbs to flowers to shrubs to veggies and even Bonsai trees.

There are cooking demonstrations in the food theatre from some of our top Scottish chefs.

Our own Chefs At School Marie Clare will be teaching and demonstrating cooking with children in the Big Back Garden area. Here you will also find information on bee keeping and how honey is produced, the Caley Children's area where they can learn all about gardening, learn about archaeology and even take part in some fun haggis hot shots!

There is also the fabulous Pallet Gardening competition where schools compete to create gardens build from reclaimed pallets, some of these are truly amazing.

Throw in the craft tent packed with everything from glass makers to jewelery designers and teddy bear makers who give demonstrations too, to live mustic, flower and plant stands where you can buy every conceivable type of greenery to the most amazing exhibition of Bonsai trees and floral artistry.

Gardening Scotland is a wonderful show and well worth a visit for adults and children alike.