20 May 2018

Sandwiches, we all eat them, whether they are in our lunch boxes, from a sandwich shop in town, at a picnic, while eating at our dest on just eating on the move wherever we are. Sandwiches are convenient, portable and tasty too.

Fun Facts

Sandwiches were first invented by John Montagu the 4th Earl Of Sandwich (1718-1790) who asked his servant to bring him some roast beef between slices of toast so that he would not have to interupt his card game by having to get up and formally eat at a table.

The same Earl of Sandwich also gave his name to the Sanbdwich Islands which have changed their name to Hawaii.

In the UK over 12 billion sandwiches are eaten per year.

In the USA 300 million are eaten per day.

The world's biggest sandwich weighed in at a whopping 5,440 pounds.

The world's most expensive sandwich was a toasted cheese sandwich made in 2016 with special champagne bread with 24 carat gold flakes, truffle butter and rare caciocavallo podolico cheese. It cost $204.

The most popular sandwich in the UK is the humble cheese sandwhich followed by  chicken sandwiches and ham sandwiches.

The most popular sandwich in the USA is of course the peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwich.

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