23 April 2017

Instead of just talking about beef in general I thought we'd focus on some rather special British beef that is rather close to the hearts of we Scots. Beef from Highland cattle.

So here are some fun facts on Highland Cattle


Highland cattle were never really chestnut red in colour but black and often called 'Black Cattle'. It was Queen Victoria who preferred the red colour and made her farmers breed specifically for this colour. It became a fashion and has stayed with us to this day.


A group of Highland Cattle is called a fold not a herd like other cattle. This is because they used to he herded into stone shelters in winter called folds.


Highland Cattle have a double layer of coat to kep them warm and dry under the harsh Scottish winter conditions. This is one of the reasons why the meat is so lean as the animals have not had to build up a layer of fat to keep them warm.


Highland beef is super healthy as it naturally contains 1/3rd less fat than ordinary beef and only 60% of the cholesterol. It is also higher in iron and protein.


Highland Cattle are sometimes referred to as 'Kyloes', this is beacause they are known for their ability to swim. Crofters would have their cattle swim the kyles between islands when moving them for better grazing.


Highland Cattle are the oldest known breed of cattle with a 'herd book' going back to 1885 and with archaeological evidence dating them back to the sixth century and written records of them from the twelfth century.