1 January 2019

History bit

Beetroot was originally cultivated around 2000 BC  in the Mediterranean area.

In ancient times it was the leaves that were eaten for food while the root was used in medicin as it cured everything from headaches to stomach disorders.

Fun Facts

This plant leaves nothing to waste, everything from the leaves to the roots can be eaten and enjoyed in a whole host of ways.

Beetroot comes in different colours, the usual deep red, golden, white and even candy striped.

The biggest beetroot in the world weighed in at 156lb and was grown in Holland.

Aparently Albert Einstein hated beetroot.

In Victorian tuimes ladies would rinse their hair in beetroot juice to give it a red shine.

Beetroots were grown in the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon.

Beetroot is the main ingredient in red velvet cake.

Beetroot is part of the chenopod family that includes Swiss chard, spinach and quinoa.

In Greek mythology Aphrodite atributed her romantic power to beetroots.

Beetroots are said to cause romance if a man and a woman both eat from the same beetroot.

In 1975 beetroots were in space as the American astronauts on Apollo 18 met with the Russian cocmonauts on Soyuz for tests and drank the Russian beetroot soup Borscht.

Beetroot is good for you

Beetroot contains iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, sodium, sugar and calcium. It is also high in fiber too.

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