Jeff Purves

Jeff Purves

Occupation: Freelance Chef

Name 2 of your “food heroes” and tell us why they inspire you?

The roux brothers – Their books were an inspiration.
The person who changed direction Paul Geller. Did a stage with him, very generous with his time.

What do you like to cook and why?

Love to cook fish flavour is that of the north east.

When did you decide to become a chef?

At 15 when I had the choice of 3 jobs. I was attracted to being a Chef and I never was a good scholar.  But I excelled in the kitchen

What do you remember about School dinners?

Fantastic. My dinner lady was called Bertha and I remember you got your plate at the counter and potatoes and veg were in an ashet on the table.  During my last 3months I was a P7 helper and I got as much pudding as you wanted.

What was your favourite school dinner?

Mash & mince with steam pudding


What would be your perfect meal?

Simple lemon sole, capers, smoked salmon sauté potatoes with sprouts & broccolli


What kitchen tool could you NOT live without?

A kitchen porter!


In your restaurant or premises who would be your ideal diner?

My family, especially my wife.


If you weren't a chef what would you be?

A professional golfer


Where do you go when you want to eat at a restaurant?

The Kitchin and Scran & Scallie


What 5 ingredients/things would you choose to have on your desert Island?

Seed potatoes, Salad seeds, net for fishing, knife & ipod