Ian McAndrew

Ian McAndrew

Occupation: Chef proprietor

Name 2 of your "food heroes" and tell us why they inspire you?

Currently I would say Tom Kerridge as I like his approach to food and cooking and Andrew Fairlie for his precision and simplicity

What do you like to cook and why?

Fish, it is so versatile and varied. 


When did you decide to become a chef?

When I was at school, I hated metal work and wanted to do something different so joined the girls in domestic science as it was then, the first boy ever to have done so at our school, The teacher was the spitting image of Sandi Shaw and for those of you who knew what she was like in the 60’s you’ll understand why being in her class was preferable to filing a lump of metal with a file with no teeth.


What do you remember about School dinners?

Never had them, I always went home.


What would be your perfect meal?

Simple plain grilled or pan fried fish, probably cod or sole


What kitchen tool could you NOT live without?

High heat rubber spatula, so versatile and infinitely better than a wooden spoon.


In your restaurant or premises who would be your ideal diner?

This is difficult, it would I suppose be someone that understands what we are trying to achieve with our food. Someone that understands what goes into it and why. Alternatively someone that wants to understand.


If you weren't a chef what would you be?

Quite probably an architect or designer of some sort.


Where do you go when you want to eat at a restaurant?

Depends upon what it is I am wanting, normally Chinese or a simple brasserie style restaurant, we very rarely go formal or fine dining simply because when were off we do not want a change.


What 5 ingredients would you choose to have on your desert Island?

Garlic, Butter, Salt, Olive Oil and White Burgundy