Gordon Wood

Gordon Wood

Occupation: Head Chef

Name 2 of your “food heroes” and tell us why they inspire you?

Jamie Oliver for being an honest cook. Heston Blumenthal for his hunt for perfection and showmanship

What do you like to cook and why?

one pot dinners for flavour and less dishes, casseroles and compound dishes, baking, bringing several ingredients together and making something new.

When did you decide to become a chef?

I was14 years old and needed money as my mother was a single mum.I was hungry and it was a way to get food.

What do you remember about School dinners?

Shortbread chunky, great cakes and custard.

What was your favourite school dinner?

Not long ago in crieff  I had a sample of school dinners from my childs primary school, Sweet and sour pork, mild flavour but nice.

What would be your perfect meal?

A buffet so the cooks sit down as well.  Soup in a terrine of good based chicken stock with rice and vegetables similar to cockaleekie, cold meats and poached fish, compound salads with no mayonnaise, lots of fruit, tarts filled with crème pat and seasonal fruit like a page in the roux brothers patisserie and cloudy lemonade with lots of fresh baked bread.

What kitchen tool could you NOT live without?

Good staff, everything else can be adjusted

In your restaurant or premises who would be your ideal diner?

Slow cooked beef shin on haggis with parsnip and vanilla puree, pistou crust, steamed pak choi.  Strange combinations for some but my idea of heaven.

If you weren't a chef what would you be?

Would have loved to have been a pilot.

Where do you go when you want to eat at a restaurant?

I have young kids, so family style restaurants are a necessity.The maltings eating Inn Perth or more grown up Knock castle or the four seasons at St Fillans.

What 5 ingredients would you choose to have on your desert Island?

Potatoes, flour, sugar, tomatoes and apples