Alan Innes

Alan Innes

Occupation: Head Chef

Name 2 of your “food heroes” and tell us why they inspire you?

Rick Stein  as he has opened the eyes of the country to the fantastic seafood and fish that is available around our coast .

Any artisan food producer for bringing their produce to the public

What do you like to cook and why?

Fish  as its my favourite food  and game  as its a seasonal food and in scotland we have the best available

When did you decide to become a chef?

I decided to become a chef from an early age as i  loved cooking 

What do you remember about School dinners?

Not the most appetising of food but the puddings where brilliant

What was your favourite school dinner?

Probably mince and dumplings  or  apple crumble and custard

What would be your perfect meal?

Scottish smoked salmon terrine  with wild salad leaves  then fresh pasta with a simply grilled fish

What kitchen tool could you NOT live without?

I can't live without a sharp set of knives

In your restaurant or premises who would be your ideal diner?

Anyone who appreciates good fresh food simply cooked

If you weren't a chef what would you be?

Possibly a paramedic or working in outdoor education

Where do you go when you want to eat at a restaurant?

Like to go to  local small pub/ restaurant  who do local ingredients  simply cooked but with passion

What 5 ingredients would you choose to have on your desert Island?

Scottish smoked salmon,  fife grown raspberries , wild herbs , carn mhor citrus wine and coffee  as I need a few mugs every day